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Use this form to request a VIP Membership Card. We will contact you by email or phone if necessary. Don't worry if you don't know the details yet. Just complete this form as much as you can and we will send you some suggestions that we think best meets your needs.

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Promo Mechanics
Interested guests are given a promo stamp card.
Each stamp card has (5) slots to be stamped upon every visit of the cardholder.

If all five (5) slots are filled, the cardholder automatically becomes a VIP member and a VIP Card will be given. Here are the following privileges the cardholder can avail:

  • 50% discount on cardholder's entrance fee
  • Express entry and registration
  • 10% discount on entrance fee for cardholder's companions
  • 10% discount on any room accommodations
  • 5% discount on food and beverages at Little Josephine and Coffee Shop
  • 10% discount on Water Camp Souvenir Items
  • 10% discount on resort's recreational facilities (billiards, videoke)

VIP Card Privileges are non-transferable and valid for one (1) year only.


In order to continually avail the privileges after expiration of the VIP Card, the cardholder will need to accumulate at least five (5) stamps in the new promo card within one (1) calendar year.

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