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Package Inclusions

- Entrance and use of swimming pool facilities

- Use of designated area at the 2nd Floor Pavilion I

- Set Meals (according to selcted Package)


Package A Without Meal Services
Php 250.00 per head
Package A
Lunch Only (Sets 1 & 2 served in packed food containers)
Set 1 Two (2) dish meal for Lunch Php 410.00 per head
Set 2 Three (3) dish meal for Lunch Php 480.00 per head
Set 3 Four (4) dish meal for Lunch Php 550.00 per head
Package B Lunch + Snack (AM, PM, or both)
Set 1,2,3 additional of Php90.00 per snack per head
*Lunch and Snacks include one regular cola drink in can

Optional for Team Building Activities (available upon request)

Note: Rates are inclusive of goverment taxes and subject to change without notice prior to contract signing.